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Wild Outlaw's Performance Parts

SDS MOTORSPORTS was founded in 2008 in Xanthi as the main trading of motorcycle parts.

We are now working on this with improved motorcycle changes, with years of experience in the field and the right equipment for the best result.

SDS MOTORSPORTS is the exclusive distributor in Greece for the following companies:


Every day we add new items in our store.

We are 8 years in the Tuning-Accessories market. At our store you will find a lot of Tuning parts and accessories, car accessories at very competitive prices, accessories, consumer reduction devices, increase in power and torque.

Oversize roller raised at the top with forked pistons without tolerances, camshaft for acceleration and final, crankshaft for long stroke, gear for gear change and many others make the most complete and complete conversion of the machine. SDS MOTORSPORTS are transformed into racing racing engines.With the collaboration of R & D departments abroad, SDS MOTORSPORTS pioneers but also has only those that are needed for the ultimate conversion.

We have been in the field of improvement since 2008. We have the expertise and know-how to program almost all the machines in the market.

Our results and satisfied customers are proof of the quality we provide. We use state-of-the-art machines for upgrades that guarantee stability and accurate results.

Brain Programming Upgrade All internal combustion engines have room for improvement. In their factory form margins are 8-10% for atmospheric, and up to 50% for turbochargers. Always with 100% reliability and factory operation, we undertake to reprogram your machine.

Dynamic measurement is the most reliable method for fully controlling / tuning the engine of our engine. With this method, we can get information about engine power, fuel management, etc.

So, before buying a used machine, it is necessary to perform a Dynamic Measurement to avoid future problems that can not be detected by our simple engineering control.

But beyond controlling the correct engine operation, Dynamic Assistance helps us greatly after any improvement / intervention on our engine (eg exhaust change) so that we know the results of our intervention.

Savvas Michailidis - Owner