Pro-Series BD4 - 150 BHP Dry Kit 2.5lb Bottle

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The Pro-Series BD4-150 BHP is a ‘dry’ nitrous system that is manufactured to the highest possible standards and designed specifically for 4 cylinder, fuel injected competition bikes. The unique concept behind the Pro Series BD4-150 makes it the most advanced and most effective direct port dry system on the market, capable of increasing engine power by up to 150 HP.
WON designers put a great thought in to achieving ease of fitting, ease of use and maximum performance, when developing this system, to ensure it offers the best in all respects, for you and your bike. Suitable if your bike has open induction, individual aftermarket filters or an OEM air box, and you want up to 150 extra HP, so why search further, only to find a more difficult to fit, harder to ride and less effective system, when you’ve already found the best?
The distinctive features of the Pro-Series BD4-150 are;
1) Its unique use of Y-Blocks rather than a rail or shower heads to achieve perfect distribution.
2) Its unique nitrous Discharge Tubes, which eliminate the drawbacks of nozzles and when mounted correctly act as air amplifiers and increase the airflow into the engine along with the nitrous.
The Pro-Series BD4-150 offers;
1) Superior performance at a very competitive price
2) Peace of mind due to reliably and effectively delivering the exact volume of nitrous oxide required, when required.
3) A desirable combination of ease of fitting, advanced technology and superior performance.
4) The high quality features expected of a high end WON nitrous system.
Features: Lifetime warranty on all components. Anodised billet alloy Pulsoid that will never wear out, guaranteed. Anodised billet alloy bottle valve. Anodised billet alloy Y-Blocks. High flow stainless steel Nitrous Discharge Tubes Polished stainless steel component mounting bracket.
Parts Included:
4 x SS Nitrous Discharge Tubes
11 x 4mm Nuts & Olives
1 x 2" of 4mm SS nitrous supply pipe from Pulsoid to Y-Block
3 x Billet alloy 4 mm Y Blocks
2 x 12" of 4mm SS nitrous supply pipe Y-Block to Y-Blocks
1 x X-10 150 hp Pulsoid (nitrous ONLY)
1 x 1m of 4 AN braided nitrous supply hose (not shown in the picture)
1 x 2.5 lb nitrous bottle with RACE spec billet alloy MaxFlow valve
1 x Arming switch w/ aircraft style cover
1 x TPS Switch
1 x Electrical connectors & wire pack
1 x Nitrous metering jet (appropriate size)

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Pro-Series BD4 - 150 BHP Dry Kit 2.5lb Bottle,Wizard of NOS

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